dedicated to promoting single line very active controllable fighter kite flying

and world domination. narf!

north american fighter kite association

welcome ...

this is your invitation to enjoy the oldest and most popoular kite sport in the world - flying fighter kites.

fighter kites have a 2000 year-old history, but the sport is new in north america.

flying in the third dimension is what sets flying fighter kites apart from flying most other kites. perhaps it is also why our attitude is slightly different from other kite fliers.

added to the side-side/up-down flight patterns of multi-lined sport kites, the third dimension in flying fighter kites is the ever-changing distance between the flyer and the kite. this third dimensional element requires the flyer’s constant attention and total concentration. often frenetic, sometimes chaotic and always exciting, it tends to make fighter kite flyers a bit more off-center than most other kiters. playing on the edge of three dimensional space. we like it this way.

so don’t be shy, you’re among friends. anytime you see someone flying a fighter kite, just ask about them. nafka members are all very willing teachers. and each has their own style, so you can learn different things from each flyer. that’s how we all learn - from each other. once you get the basics of flying these little guys, you’ll grin more than you ever have while flying kites.

it’ll change your life. promise.

please, go ahead and explore the site. it is rich in its wealth of information. you’ll find info relating to every aspect of fighter kites - from building your own, to the joys of flying. there are plans from some of the best fighter kite builders and flyers in the world; articles describing various building techniques; resources relating to almost every part of the fighter kite flying experience; links to other fighter kites sites ... it's all here.

special thanks to all those who have helped and assisted in making this site what it is - you know who you are - biggrins all round ...

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