dedicated to promoting single line very active controllable fighter kite flying

and world domination. narf!

north american fighter kite association

about ...

on a wet and cold saturday in december of 1997, eight fighter kite enthusiasts got together in tacoma, washington to find a way of expanding the interest in fighter kites.

we thought forming a fighter kite specific kite club would be a good vehicle. hence the northwest fighter kite association, nfka was born. as our membership grew, we realized our new friends were spread across north america — well beyond our northwest roots. in order to provide a truer representation of our membership, we changed the club name to the north american fighter kite association. now we find our members to be spread worldwide. we probably won’t change the name again to include the entire world. we are way too busy having fun flying fighters to waste time making any more serious business decisions.

this is a great club. and it’s a club that welcomes fighter kite fliers of all ages and skill level. some of our members are brilliant kite designers and builders. some of our members can’t even glue their kite together without leaving traces of nose hair trapped in the seams. some of our members fly fighters like they were born with the line in their hand. others of us are still learning to keep our kite in the air, much less make it do what we want. one thing’s for sure, everyone here freely shares their design, building, and flying expertise and encouragement. and we all grin really big when we fly.

the mission of nafka is simple: to encourage people to become involved with fighter kiting, through flying fighters, kite festivals, workshops, web site and e-mail. to share information among members and other fighter kite enthusiasts about flying, building and designing fighter kites. and to fly our little kites with friends as often as we can.

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