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bamboo fighter kite spines and and already tapered bows


for details & prices email bruce lambert 

these bamboo spines and bows are hand split and hand shaped by skilled fighter kite craftspeople in india. 

the spines, shown on the left, are about 3/16", 4-5mm, wide on the bamboo skin side and slightly less than 3/16", 3.5-4mm, thick. the cross sectional dimensions are uniform along the entire 24"+ length. these spines have no nodes or knots along their length and are smooth. 

although these spines are slightly larger in cross section than most fighter kites need for a spine, it’s easy and quick to shave or split them with a utility knife to a smaller cross sectional size, then cut to correct length for your kite plan.

these bamboo spines are very easy to work with are durable and perform very well in a fighter kite.

as with all bamboo, each piece is different in stiffness and/or flexibility.

the bamboo bows, shown on the right, are smooth and without knots or nodes along their 25" length. these bows are tapered at each end beginning about 6" in from the end. 

when you bend them, like a bow in a kite, they are remarkably uniform in their curve and require minimal shaping to create the ‘perfect’ bamboo fighter kite bow. these are the most perfectly shaped bamboo bows i’ve seen.

the width of the bamboo skin in the center portion is about 3mm, and are slightly thinner than 3mm. the ends are tapered so the tips are about 2mm wide on the skin by about 1.5mm thick.

i also use these bamboo bows as spines in many of my kites. i cut off one of the tapered ends. then use the thicker end at the tail of my kite and the remaining thinner end for the nose end of the spine. this allows for a stiffer lower spine and a flexible mid and upper spine, which i prefer in my competition kites. it also contributes to better nose to tail balance of the kite allowing the kite to enter into a spin more quickly.

for details, prices and ordering information email bruce lambert


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