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magical dancing buka - ralph resnik

wsikf 2004: day 1 ... monday, august 16

d. and i awakened early ... we sipped coffee on the porch at 6am ... a beautiful morning ... my first day at wsikf ... we spoke a lot ... good meeeting indeed. at 7:15am, we headed for the beach ...

cool kite box, huh? ...

we were the first to arrive. it was awsome. soon afterwards, well about 9’ish in fact, the rest of the 2004 fighter group began to appear on the beach.

and i was shooting video ... it was amazing to watch d. play with his buka in a gentle and steady 2mph. it was also my first attempt at shooting video of a fighter kite. not easy stuff. being a fighter kite flyer made it much easier for me to follow d.’s buka around the sky. [tip: don't use the lcd screen. keep both eyes open. use the eye-piece view finder on your right eye. follow the kite with your open left eye - works every time.]

magical dancing buka

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