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these links will take you to many more fighter kite related sites ... packed with tons of info. if you want us to add a link, contact the workerdog. if you find a broken link, let the webdog know ...

fighter kite only links

nfka - the birth of our origins ... sadly, this site no longer exists :-(

the nafka e-mail list ... aka ‘topica’ - to join, send a blank e-mail to - for full details click here ...

bruce lambert’s fighter kite central and forum - this is the web site to go to for everything you need to know about building, tuning and flying fighter kites

gina’s cyberfighter web site - probably the most comprehensive web site related to all types of fighter kites from all parts of the world

biggrins fighter kite website

gerhard & daniela zitzmann's fighter kite site - austria

kampfdrachen european short line fighter kite club [english version]

chilean fighter kite club

karen gustavson’s 2003 wsikf photo gallery

stan kellar's fighter kite site

ralph resnik’s fighter kite web site

fighter kite workshop photos - steve bateman

merwin updyke's fighter kite web site - click on ‘fighter kite’ in the upper left corner

malcolm macleod’s mac fighter kites

giacomo borghi’s draco volans fighter kite web site - italy

aerostar stryke fighter - paul shirey

fighter kite related links

AKA - american kitefliers association

wsikf ... washington state international kite festival home page

world kite museum website

drachen foundation’s babu khan indian kites

kitelife ezine's report on the line touch world cup 2004

gombergkites - how to fight - dave gomberg’s fighter kite book excerpt

kite plan list ... fighters and other kites

one-world-trading - indian style fighter kites, line, reels,manjha

buyakite - commercial fighter kites from a quality kite store

hang-em high fabrics - kite making materials online store

kite studio - online kite material store and fighter kite forum

fort worden kitemakers conference website

Information about working with bamboo

kite flying weather forecast

good knots web site - includes detailed ‘how to’ animations


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