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north american fighter kite association

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a great place to meet and talk with fighter kite fans from all over the world!

it’s an automated e-mail delivery service … a fighter kite, subscriber only, forum … yes, it's free!

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subscribers receive e-mail posts from any subscriber who e-mails a post to the list. when you reply or submit an e-mail post, everyone on the list receives your email.

so, please join in the fun, meet fighter kite fans from all over, learn, chat and have fun!

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send a blank e-mail [no subject line - no text] to

then, very soon you will receive correspondence from topica. at that time it is only necessary to click reply and then send. you’ll begin receiving [FK] fighter kite e-mail at that time.

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if you want to peruse the body of existing prose on the fighterkite list, just web over to

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