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north american fighter kites cd ...

by bruce lambert - 2004

a new fighter kite book on cd!!!

[in pdf format - compatible with all platforms]

north american fighter kites is my effort to share information about north american fighter kiting. what i’ve learned about north american fighter kiting during the past 7 years has primarily come from the hundreds and hundreds of hours i’ve spent experimenting with fighter kite ideas regarding construction, design and flying strategies and maneuvers. however, i have also learned an enormous amount from other fighter kite fans from north america as well as from around the world! north american fighter kites shares all of it in over 400 pages with lots of photos. it’s the most information available about the unique north american style of fighter kiting. it’s a workbook and a guidebook for anyone curious about or interested, at any level, about any aspect of north american style fighter kiting. its information is as valuable to an experienced fighter kite flyer as it is to a ‘newbie’.

i wrote north american fighter kites with the intention to publish it as an affordable printed book; all images are grayscale rather than color. however, i found out too late in the process of putting the book together, that from the beginning, i didn’t create suitable digital images for printing a book with high quality results. since the images look fine on a computer monitor, i decided to publish it electronically on a cd rom rather than re-take all the images and delay the book several months to a year.

it’s also a fund raising project!
i had two primary goals in writing and producing this book as a cd. the first is to encourage more people to participate in the great fun of north american style fighter kiting by making this information readily available. the other goal is for the cd to raise money for three important and hard working kiting organizations:

- world kite museum (wkm)
- american kitefliers association (aka)
- north american fighter kite association (nafka)

from the proceeds of selling north american fighter kites cd’s, i am donating a portion to each of these three fine kiting organizations. so when you buy one or more of these cd’s you are contributing financial support to each of these kiting organizations. they thank you and so do i!

north american fighter kites includes detailed information about how to fly a fighter kite, including information for those who have never flown one before. after studying the information in the book, your first attempt at flying a fighter kite will likely be successful. it also explains how to perform a variety of fun and easy to learn kite flying maneuvers. plus it discusses more complex and challenging maneuvers for experienced flyers. the fine details of tuning and balancing plus how to match a fighter kite to the wind is also included.

in addition, many pages are devoted to discussing how to compete and be in the winners’ circle when participating in north american style fighter kite competitions. two styles of competitions are included; precision or skills competitions and line touch competitions. it includes details about line touch maneuvers and strategies i used to win the 2001 and 2003 line touch world cup championships.

making your own fighter kites is very rewarding - i encourage everyone to do it. plus, it is inexpensive to make fighter kites; less than $4 per kite. north american fighter kites has tons of valuable information that will make your kite making easier, faster and more successful. it provides detailed discussions and lots of photos of building methods for each construction aspect required to make a successful high performance fighter kite. if you’re new to fighter kite making, it will guide you step by step through making a great flying fighter kite in less than two hours; start to finish. if you want to build a line-touch championship caliber fighter kite, north american fighter kites shows you how; also step by step. if you want to know how to make a fighter kite spine from bamboo or carbon fiber round or flat material, it's all in this cd.

if you want some ideas and descriptions about how to easily decorate your fighter kite, north american fighter kites provides lots of examples and ideas. fortunately, almost all of the techniques described don't require any artistic talent to make beautiful kites!

have you thought you'd like to create and design your own fighter kite plans, but didn’t know where to start? north american fighter kites spells it out for you. it provides proven design guidelines and suggested design ratios so your first ‘original’ design will likely be a successful and competitive kite!

also included are 8 original full sized half plans of my favorite kites. by printing these with your computer printer you don't need to draw out the plan … they’re already drawn to full size. this is a great time saving shortcut in building a fighter kite!

there are also 9 additional original plans including kites i currently use to compete with in the line touch competitions, including the world cup. these plans include all dimensions you need to easily and accurately draw the full sized plans yourself.

to get an idea of what it’s about, check out this pdf file of sample pages from north american fighter kites.

ordering north american fighter kites cd’s

price in usa dollars
- cd’s mailed to north america; $20 including first class postage.
- cd’s mailed outside of north america; the price is $23 including air mail postage.

shipping note - i’ll make every effort to mail your north american fighter kites cd the day i receive your paid order.

paying with paypal
if you want to pay using paypal, please email me your order directly at

paying by personal check or money order
if you want to pay by personal check or money order, usa currency only, please mail your order and check to:

bruce lambert
80 red tail rd
yakima, wa 98908

please include your complete mailing address. if you order more than one cd and want each mailed to a separate address, please include each complete address and how many you want mailed to each address.

if you have questions, please email me at

wishing you ‘eartoearfighterkitegrins’,



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