dedicated to promoting single line very active controllable fighter kite flying

and world domination. narf!

north american fighter kite association

nafka pins ...

pin collectors delight ... hat decoration ... rare and sought after

here is the full collection of nafka pins. each pic has a scale for size reference ... top represents cm and the bottom represents inches.

if you’d like to buy any of them, please contact the for details.

please note
for mailing within the usa, please add $1.00 for up to 2 pins. for 3-5 pins, add $2.00. for orders shipped beyond the usa, please add an additional $1.50 to the previous listed postage.  all pricing includes s/h throughout the usa. bulk ordering (more than 5 pins) is heavily encouraged and s/h will be happily quoted upon your request. please send only a check or money order made out to: 
nancy bogue, 2354 yale ave E #303, seattle, wa 98102, usa.
as soon as your check or money order clears the bank, your order will be shipped within 3 business days.

#1 crescent cut-out

sold out - first pin produced ... designer: brian johnson


#2 little fighter

$20.00 - 2nd pin produced [limited supply] ... designer: chuck lund


#3 backwards buka

$10.00 - 3rd pin produced. limited supply ...designer: dennis crowley


#4 blue round - 2002

$5.00 ... designer: crowley/lund


#5 white round - 2002

$5.00 ... designer: crowley/lund


#6 red round - 2002

$5.00 ... designer: crowley/lund


#7 long black - 2003

$6.00 ... designer: chuck lund


#8 red, white and blue indian - 2004

$20.00 - limited supply ... designer: scott bogue


#9 edgy nafka - 2005

$5.00 ... designer: scott bogue


#10 gold star - not for sale

awarded for duties performed above and beyond the call and for other special reasons ... designer: chuck lund


#11 fly nfka

$5.00 ... designer: chuck lund


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