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nafka newstuff ...

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sunday, july 3, 2005

extra, extra, read all about it ... 2005 fighter kite line touch world cup ...

tuesday, june 29, 2005

introducing the $4 fusion fighter ...

monday, june 20, 2005

added the galleries page
this is currently very experimental and will evolve as more stuff is received and added, so please let us have your feedback and comments ...

friday, may 27, 2005

the aka has published a new and updated fighter kite and rokkaku competition rule book ... you’ll find it on the rules & guidelines page.

monday, may 23, 2005

added the buy/sell page

monday, may 9, 2005

added some new plans ...

basf construction details with full size template - bruce lambert [up-dated 05/2005]
dog series construction details with plans- bruce lambert [revised 04/2005]
donna’s dog construction details with full size half-template - bruce lambert
make a ‘f3’ high performance fighter kite in less than 2 hours - bruce lambert
‘no sew’ buka - andy selzer
dot 01 - dennis ische [will open in a new window]
dot 02 - dennis ische [will open in a new window]
lightning bolt - dennis ische [will open in a new window]
raptor - steve childers

sunday, april 17, 2005

added to contributed articles ...

- the fat kids’ notebook
- fighter poe-ums

saturday, april 2, 2005

nafka spring fling fun ebay fighter kite auctions ...

the fun has begun!!! kicks off april 2nd at 8:00am pst ...

the first kite on the block is a fantastic kite … designed, made and donated to nafka by manny alves … if you are interested in owning an absolutely ‘killer’ competition north american style fighter kite, then don't miss the opportunity to get in on the bidding early for this ‘magic’ kite of manny’s!!

fighter kite orcon manny alves competition is the heading of the ebay auction … just go to and type in ‘fighter kite’ in the search window and this kite will be in the list of auctions. get a jump on the crowd that is certain to bid on this great kite! 

thanks for your support of the nafka spring fling fun ebay fighter kite auctions!!

please join in the fun!!



sunday, march 27, 2005

[1] ... added auction announcement to home page
[2] ... new page added
[3] ... new page added
[4] ... new page added
[5] ... pinupdog e-mail added
[6] plan links added
firefly - tom humphrey
draco one mkll - giacomo borghi
crazy chicken - gerhard zitzmann
frantic gecko - gerhard zitzmann
saucy owl - gerhard zitzmann
zorro - gerhard zitzmann
xphighter - ralph resnik

please remember: we need your contributions ... send 'em to

that’s it for now ... more to come


sunday, march 20, 2005

the web site is launched!!! full speed ahead ...



browser compatibility!!! ... built for use with firefox [win/mac], netscape [win/mac], opera [mac] and safari [mac]. shame on you microsoft for not making ie web compliant.