dedicated to promoting single line very active controllable fighter kite flying

and world domination. narf!

north american fighter kite association

‘fighters’ ... the original nfka fighter kite book ...

by mad mary, dennis crowley & bruce lambert - 2000

North American Single Line Sport Kites
NFKA Journal 2000 Project

a brief description
In 1998 dennis crowley and bruce lambert had an idea to compile fighter kite related information from every fighter kite fan they knew, then add a little of their own input and publish it as a book. the purpose was to raise money for the then newly formed Northwest Fighter Kite Association, nfka; now called North American Fighter Kite Association, nafka.

there were 100 books printed, bound with metal spiral binding, full color and about 350 pages. it’s a ton of information! the price was $90. each book is hand numbered. it is currently a collectors’ item for sure! and it is a significant part of nafka’s history. many fighter kite fans contributed information, some contributed art work that was fighter kite related, some contributed poems, others contributed plans and others flying tips, stories, etc ... it is a true compilation of fighter kite related material during 1998-1999

dennis and bruce did no editing to the material submitted that is included in the book. dennis provided all the creative elements in the book along with the great tongue-in-cheek humor. he also provided all the photos and photo descriptions that are not part of a contributor’s section. the all important ‘attitude’ of their project came from ‘mad mary’ ;o)

a person, whose name can’t be remembered, scanned pages of the book and provided them to nafka, thus allowing them to be shared with you here. enjoyment is guaranteed!

in order to best understand the book and its organization, or lack of, you should read the first file first. after that you can read them in any order you wish.

notes [1]: the book page scans are divided into 13 PDF files ... they range in size from 29mb to 68mb each and may take awhile to download. not all of the page scans are perfect and, some pages may not have been scanned, and they are presented here as they were given to nafka. the various background colors are the result of ‘other than white’ paper used for some of the pages in the original book...

notes [2]: you can also save these files directly to your hd. mac users; ‘control-click’ to ‘download linked file’ ... windows users; right-click to ‘save link file’

- NFKABOOK01.pdf [31mb]
- NFKABOOK02.pdf [30mb]
- NFKABOOK03.pdf [34mb]
- NFKABOOK04.pdf [35mb]
- NFKABOOK05.pdf [68mb]
- NFKABOOK06.pdf [41mb]
- NFKABOOK07.pdf [31mb]
- NFKABOOK08.pdf [44mb]
- NFKABOOK09.pdf [39mb]
- NFKABOOK10.pdf [29mb]
- NFKABOOK11.pdf [29mb]
- NFKABOOK12.pdf [48mb]
- NFKABOOK13.pdf [41mb]

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