dedicated to promoting single line very active controllable fighter kite flying

and world domination. narf!

north american fighter kite association

fighter kite plans ...

there are plenty plans to choose from. please read all the instructions.
if you’re new to building, we suggest you first check out some of the building techniques on the howto page. some of the plans have a simple diagram for you to follow, but you’ll need to draw the plan out yourself. others are half plan templates in acrobat pdf format.

plans from nafka and fklist members

buka dako text specs - dennis crowley
basf construction details with full size template - bruce lambert [up-dated 05/2005]
photocornerbuka - bruce lambert
dog series construction details with plans- bruce lambert [revised 04/2005]
donna’s dog construction details and dimensions- bruce lambert
make a ‘f3’ high performance fighter kite in less than 2 hours - bruce lambert
dragonfly - tom humphrey
firefly and firefly adjustment - tom humphrey
rockA fighter - brian johnsen
‘no sew’ buka - andy selzer
dot 01 - dennis ische [will open in a new window]
dot 02 - dennis ische [will open in a new window]
lightning bolt - dennis ische [will open in a new window]
publix - walt whippo
spot fighter kite- John mckenzie
volunteen fighter kite - john mckenzie
raptor - steve childers
bruhzilian - dave young
woodtick - woody woods
draco one mkll - giacomo borghi
crazy chicken -gerhard zitzmann
frantic gecko - gerhard zitzmann
saucy owl - gerhard zitzmann
zorro - gerhard zitzmann

world cup winning plans

2001 winning plan - bruce lambert
2002 winning plan - chuck lund
2003 winning plan - bruce lambert
2004 winning plans - steve bateman; johnny hsiung; bruce lambert; chuck lund; woody woods

full size printable plans

you’ll need the free adobe acrobat reader to view and print these full sized templates, please read the instructions on how to print and use full sized templates.

basf - bruce lambert
hotdog - bruce lambert
indoordog - bruce lambert
nodog - bruce lambert
pokeylongdog - bruce lambert
slolongdog - bruce lambert
spunky - bruce lambert
sundog - bruce lambert
tangler - bruce lambert
xphighter460: letter size and a4 size- ralph resnik

plans from elsewhere

bizzy fighter - tony slater & jim white
goody fighter - tony slater
indian fighter - manjha club
jm favourite - manjha club
matt star - manjha club
nagasaki hata - asami takakuwa
shropshire rok - tony slater
spooky - fred broadhead


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