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bruce’s easy to make photo corner buka

this is a quick and easy technique for making a buka. if you are relatively new to fighter kite making and have all the tools and materials at hand, it should take less than 2 hours to make this high performance buka.

first, for those of you not familiar with a buka, it is a rectangular shaped traditional japanese fighter kite. these traditional bukas are typically 3'x5' … very large kites. and as is traditional with most japanese kites it is made with bamboo and paper. it is flown with its long side as the leading edge of the kite.

the north american version of the buka is much smaller. one of the most common sizes of north american bukas is 10"/254mm x 15"/381mm.

bukas are competitive, highly maneuverable, precise, fast, predictable and a fun fighter kite to fly. being a simple rectangle, a buka appears easy to make and it is. however it is quite time consuming.

this article shows an easy and quite quick technique for making a high performance buka. i suggest reading the article through a couple of times to become familiar with the flow of the process before you begin making the buka. this should cut your building time and also minimize frustrations.

click here to get the pdf of the photocornerbuka

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