dedicated to promoting single line very active controllable fighter kite flying

and world domination. narf!

north american fighter kite association

wsikf ...

just the mention of this word - pronounced “wiskif’ - evokes memories. to some it is the ultimate battleground. to others it’s a solid week of fighter kite flying. a gathering of knights, preparing for the battle ahead – not matter what, everyone has the same grinning agenda ...

since 1998, the annaul “fighter kite line touch world cup championship” takes place during the week of wsikf. as does the “buka conrad cup”. including the ”fighter kite skills competition”, as well as the "fighter kite novice competition”

still dunno what wsikf stands?

here’s a whole buncha clues:

2005 fighter kite line touch world cup
- announcing ... [ july 3, 2005 ]
- world cup rules [ 2004 version ]

buka conrad cup

skills competion

novice competition

official wsikf web site

world kite museum

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